Christmas light balls with plastic cups
Light Balls

Make Christmas light balls with plastic cups

A sparkle ball surely is amazing and magical ornaments that can add life to your Christmas party. But buying these ornaments from the market can prove to be extremely expensive for your pocket. That is why we have found out an epic solution for you. In this article, we are going o tell you how can you use decorative ball light made with cups. The process is extremely simple and environment-friendly. This will help you recycle the waste of your house.

Make the sparkle ball

Step 1: first of all you will have to take the plastic cups and start with drilling a hole in the bottom of the cups.

Step 2: after you are done with the drilling process all you will have to do is to punch holes on the rim of the plastic cup. This needs to be done in order to prepare for the cup lights. There must be four holes on each cup rim.

Step 3: you need to get started with making the first layer of the cups. Arrange twelve cups in a circle, and this will form your first layer. You have to make it stay with the help of zip ties and tie it through the holes you pouched in the cups previously

Step 4: next, you will have to start with the second layer, and there will be nine cups ties likewise in the second layer. After that third layer of the plastic cup lights will only have four cups.

Step 5: This will complete one half of the light ball, and you will require two halves to complete the circular sparkle ball that you intended to make.

Step 6: after this step, you must insert the light in the cups. The insertion of the lights will be done through the holes that were drilled at the bottom of the cups in the beginning. Make sure to put one or two lights in each cup and not more than that.

decorative ball light made with cups

Step 7: After you have made the fittings of the lights it is must prove that both the halves of the ball must be stick together in order to make your DIY sparkle ball.

Step 8: you can use these sparkle balls with the help of the hanger and also can decorate it a little bit if required.

Everything is done, and all you have to do is plug in the light and enjoy the festive season to the fullest.